Which Is Correct Weeks Or Week’S?

How do you write month and year?

The international standard recommends writing the date as year, then month, then the day: YYYY-MM-DD.

So if both the Australian and American used this, they would both write the date as 2019-02-03.

Writing the date this way avoids confusion by placing the year first..

How do you write month and year in short form?

Do not abbreviate months of the year when they appear by themselves or with a year (December 2012). March, April, May, June and July are never abbreviated in text, but the remaining months are when they are followed by a date (Jan. 27), and are correctly abbreviated Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.

Where do we use in a sentence?

Was that where his father got all that money? “Where are you?” he asked. I’ll show you where you can sleep.

Do you put an apostrophe in weeks?

If what you need is “weeks,” plural, as in “two weeks from today,” then no, you don’t need an apostrophe. If what you have in mind is “week’s,” possessive, as in “this week’s menu for the school cafeteria was posted last Thursday,” then yes, you need an apostrophe.

What does week’s mean?

A week is a period of seven days. Some people consider that a week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Where do you put the apostrophe in years?

According to this source the correct symbol to abbreviate year using two digits is an apostrophe: When abbreviating a year, remove the first two numbers and indicate the omission by using an apostrophe: 2009 becomes ’09 (not ’09) 2010 becomes ’10 (not ’10)

What does in the next two weeks mean?

Re: “in the next two weeks” means? It’s short for ‘within the next two weeks’. It means anytime from now on for 14 days.

What is the difference between weeks and week’s?

Week’s is the possessive form of week, while weeks is the plural form.. Week is a countable noun. Weeks is plural. He will be away for two weeks.

Is it two week’s notice or two weeks notice?

The amount of notice is two weeks. You give two weeks’ notice. It is a possessive, plural, with an apostrophe.

Is Week’s correct?

Re: What is the difference between weeks, weeks’ and week’s? You need to use a possessive form. Either singular if you are talking about one week or plural if you are talking about more than one week. We form possessives by adding “apostrophe s” to the end of a singular.

What does in a week’s time mean?

phrase. If you say that something will happen, for example, in a week’s time or in two years’ time, you mean that it will happen a week from now or two years from now. Presidential elections are due to be held in ten days’ time. See full dictionary entry for time.

Is it Ross’s or Ross?

The possessive form of almost all proper names is formed by adding apostrophe and s to a singular or apostrophe alone to a plural. By this style rule, you would express the plural of Ross as Ross’s.

How do you spell six months?

This is the plural possessive form — it’s a backlog of six months’ worth — so we use the apostrophe after the s to indicate that.

How do you say years experience?

The position requires at least five years experience in web site development. The sentence needed to be tossed into the “s apostrophe” basket because the correct rendering is “five years’ experience.” But why use the apostrophe? Because years is a possessive form.

What is the difference between months and month’s?

The phrase means “the rent of two months”. Months is made plural by adding an s to month. When something belongs to something else, we use the possesive apostrophe. This is why months’s looks like a reasonable construction.


A “few” typically refers to the vicinity of 3 to 7 of something. A few days would be longer than a couple (two) but shorter than a week (seven). So the time duration could range from three to six days and still be classified as a few. … A few days would be longer than a couple (two) but shorter than a week (seven).

Is there an apostrophe in 30 days notice?

Regarding the apostrophe after notice, think how you’d refer to a notice period that’s one day long: you’d say one day’s notice, with an apostrophe, not one day notice. So when you refer to a notice period that’s several days long, you say days’, with the apostrophe.

How do you give a one week notice?

How to give one week noticeWrite a professional resignation letter, addressed to your immediate supervisor.Ensure the letter directly states that you are leaving and the date of your final day of employment.Focus on communicating briefly, in a professional tone.More items…•