Quick Answer: What Does Exacting Revenge Mean?

What is the best revenge?

The best revenge is to smile at hatred.

To stifle your anger and show them that you can be happy.

Because there’s no better strategy than to act calmly and wisely moving forward, with a firm gaze and a peaceful heart, knowing that you do not need to carry that burden..

What are examples of revenge?

Revenge is an action of inflicting harm or damage on someone else in retaliation for harm or damage inflicted on you. An example of revenge is when someone steals your car so you steal their car years later. To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult).

What does it mean to revenge someone?

Someone seeking revenge is looking to retaliate for a wrong that has been done. Sometimes a word can be used as either a noun or a verb, without changing the spelling. You can take revenge (noun) on someone who hurt you, or you can revenge (verb) the hurt, punishing the person who wronged you. …

Why is revenge a good thing?

The Long-Term Effects of Revenge But in fact, revenge has the opposite effect. Even though the first few moments feel rewarding in the brain, psychological scientists have found that instead of quenching hostility, revenge prolongs the unpleasantness of the original offense.

How is revenge dangerous?

“Like hate, revenge is something that takes a toll on the person who feels wronged, as well as the [person’s] enemy. It is inherently unhealthy because it takes a psychological and physical toll on the person. Venting those feelings of anger and hostility does not decrease those feelings,” he said.

What does exacting mean in a person?

Use the adjective exacting to describe something or someone very precise or strict in its requirements. If your teacher has exacting standards about spelling and punctuation, you better carefully check your final paper. An exacting person expects things to be, well, exact.

What does exacting in your work mean?

(ɪgzæktɪŋ ) adjective. You use exacting to describe something or someone that demands hard work and a great deal of care. She didn’t think that he was well enough to carry out such an exacting task. Synonyms: demanding, hard, taxing, difficult More Synonyms of exacting.

Can exact my revenge?

To exact revenge means to inflict punishment upon someone who has harmed you, to visit retribution on someone who has wronged you. In this phrase, the word exact functions as a verb, meaning to demand and obtain something, most often through the use of force.

What does exacting mean in English?

requiring much time, attention, or effortEnglish Language Learners Definition of exacting : requiring much time, attention, or effort from someone : very difficult or demanding.

How do you extract revenge?

Put another way, exacting your revenge is fulfilling your demand for revenge. Marcus vowed he would exact his revenge on Tony for wreaking havoc at his party. By comparison, “to extract” something (as a verb) means to remove, separate or draw out.

What does exact justice mean?

1 correct in every detail; strictly accurate. an exact copy.

Is getting revenge worth it?

But while getting revenge might help you feel validated in the moment, it ultimately doesn’t change your life or circumstances. … Even if you get temporary relief or happiness from getting some revenge, it might be worth finding other ways to handle your emotions.

What does the Bible say about revenge?

Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary: ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. ‘” Think of a time a person or organization has hurt you.

Is revenge a character trait?

Extremely forgiving people are called magnanimous. Vengeful indicates that a character harbours grudges. They may seek revenge, perhaps petty, sometimes sweeping and grandiose, for real or imagined insults. This trait also includes spitefulness.

What does exacting tribute mean?

to force or compel the payment, yielding, or performance of: to exact money; to exact tribute from a conquered people.