Quick Answer: Should I Confess To My Parents?

Should I tell my mom the truth?

Be honest.

If you’re always honest, a parent will be likely to believe what you say.

If you sometimes hide the truth or add too much drama, parents will have a harder time believing what you tell them.

If you lie, they’ll find it hard to trust you..

How do I confess to my parents?

Instead, be apologetic and honest. Let them know you understand what you did was wrong and that you’re ready to accept the consequences. And if you aren’t sorry, take some time to reflect on why honesty is important and why lying to your parents is hurtful to them and your relationship. Work hard to move forward.

Can a child commit a mortal sin?

8 year olds can’t commit mortal sins. Cheating in a exam when you are 8 doesn’t constitute towards a mortal sin. Sure it’s a sin, but children don’t necessarily have the firmness of morality impressed in them. Neither do they have as much self control an adult.

Should I confess my sins to my parents?

You don’t have to admit your sin to your parents. You don’t say your religion (which would help), but a “sin” is a way of offending one’s God, not one’s parents. Your parents are not gods. Sin is doing something against GOD, especially if he made specific laws against something, you know about it, and you do it.

Should I tell my parents if I did something bad?

In general, however, I’d recommend telling your parents yourself. If they are going to be angry when they find out, then regardless of how they find out, they’re going to be angry. But if you don’t tell them, they’ll be angry about what happened and they’ll also be angry/hurt that you didn’t tell them.