Question: What Power Is Nano?

What comes after Nano?

PrefixesPurposePrefix NameValuesmaller quantities or sub unitsnano10-9pico10-12femto10-15atto10-1818 more rows.

How many micro are in a nano?

1,000.001 micro (µ) = 1,000.00 nano (n)

Is micro or nano smaller?

The Metric SystemPrefixMeasurementScientific NotationMicro-0.000001 m1 x 10-6 mNano-0.000000001 m1 x 10-9 mPico-0.000000000001 m1 x 10-12 mFemto-0.000000000000001 m1 x 10-15 m7 more rows

What is 10 to the 12th power?

Positive powersNamePowerNumberhundred million8100,000,000billion (milliard)91,000,000,000trillion (billion)121,000,000,000,000quadrillion (billiard)151,000,000,000,000,00028 more rows

What does 10 to the power of 8 mean?

108 = 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 100,000,000 (8 zeros) Notice that the number of zeros in the ordinary decimal expression is exactly equal to the power to which 10 is raised. If the number is expressed in words, first write it down as an ordinary decimal number and then convert.

Does nano mean small?

Definition for nano (2 of 2) a combining form with the meaning “very small, minute,” used in the formation of compound words (nanoplankton); in the names of units of measure it has the specific sense “one billionth” (10-9): nanomole; nanosecond.

What is smaller than a nano?

The prefix pico means 10-12 (nano means 10-9). Even smaller are femto(10-15), atto(10-18), zepto(10-21), and yocto(10-24).

What is Nano used for?

Nanotechnology is being used in developing countries to help treat disease and prevent health issues. The umbrella term for this kind of nanotechnology is Nano-medicine. Nanotechnology is also being applied to or developed for application to a variety of industrial and purification processes.

What is the exponent for Nano?

Decimal Prefixes and Multiples, Powers of TenMultiplePrefixSymbol10-3millim10-6micro(Greek mu)10-9nanon10-12picop19 more rows

Which is bigger nano or pico?

pico- One trillionth 1 / 1,000,000,000,000. picogram. nano- One billionth 1 / 1,000,000,000. micro- One millionth 1 / 1,000,000….Is Nano smaller than micro?PrefixMeasurementScientific NotationMilli-0.001 m1 x 10-3 mMicro-0.000001 m1 x 10-6 mNano-0.000000001 m1 x 10-9 mPico-0.000000000001 m1 x 10-12 mMar 8, 2020

What are numbers like 10 100 and 1000 called?

Numbers starting with a 1 and followed by only 0s (such 10, 100, 1,000,10,000, and so forth) are called powers of ten, and they’re easy to represent as “exponents”. Powers of ten are the result of multiplying 10 times itself any number of times.

How do you convert kg to nano?

1 kilo (k) = 1,000,000,000,000.00 nano (n)

Is Nano to the?

Some prefixes are also used in digital communications and computer technology but they have a slightly different value because they are based on a power of 2….Prefix.PrefixAnalog valueDigital valuen (nano)10-9-µ (micro)10-6-m (milli)10-3-k (kilo)103 (1000)210 (1024)4 more rows

How do you convert from micro to nano?

1 nano (n) = 0.0010 micro (µ)

How do you multiply a negative power by 10?

Another Way to Indicate Division by a power of 10 is to multiply by 10 to a negative exponent. Example: So, to multiply by a negative exponent, you simply move the decimal point left the same number of places as the exponent indicates.