Question: What Main Means?

What word means?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a sound or combination of sounds that has meaning and is spoken by a human being.

2 : a written or printed letter or letters standing for a spoken word.

3 : a brief remark or conversation I’d like a word with you.

4 : command entry 2 sense 1, order We are waiting for the word to begin..

What mean means?

The mean is the average of the numbers. It is easy to calculate: add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are. In other words it is the sum divided by the count.

What is a main in gaming?

a character in video games. Link is my main in Super Smash Bros.

What is main word?

n the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary. Synonyms: citation form, entry word Type of: descriptor, form, signifier, word form. the phonological or orthographic sound or appearance of a word that can be used to describe or identify something.

What is another word for main reason?

Synonyms for main reason in English root cause; main reason; fundamental cause; principal cause; main ground; basic cause.

How can I call my boyfriend?

Things to call your boyfriendBoo. *cue Usher voice*Booboo Bear. This is for when you just start being nauseatingly in love (IYKYK).Honey Pot. Aww, and you’re his Winnie the Pooh.Sugarplum. Because your man is sweet like candy?Sweetie. Short and simple.Sweetheart. … Baby Boy. … Baby Love.More items…•

What does it mean my love?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (my) loveBritish English spoken informal a) a word used when you are talking to someone you love SYN darling ‘Hello, love, ‘ said her father. b) a friendly way of talking to someone who you do not know, especially to a woman or child.

What does it mean when someone calls you my man?

Yes, that could mean “brother”, “friend” or “you’re on my team / my supporter”. ” You’re my man, I can always rely on you to help.”

What is the meaning of my main?

my close group of friends”refers to my close group of friends or my family” can be abbreviated as My Mains. What is the meaning of My Mains abbreviation? The meaning of My Mains abbreviation is “refers to my close group of friends or my family”

What does Main girl mean?

“A main girl would be the girlfriend or the person that the guy’s in love with. The girl in the video [who I portray] or, in the song the person talking, would be the mistress or someone the guy is having a side relationship with.”

What does it mean when someone calls you Main?

1 : best male friend. 2 : a man whose character or work is most admired. 3 : most significant or important person also : chief sense 2.

What does it mean my man?

my man: my friend, my mate, my pal, my buddy. noun.

What is word name?

A name is a term used for identification. … The name of a specific entity is sometimes called a proper name (although that term has a philosophical meaning also) and is, when consisting of only one word, a proper noun. Other nouns are sometimes called “common names” or (obsolete) “general names”.